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Scenic Tour

The country’s captivating and lively culture is as brilliant as its breathtaking mountainous terrain. A striking place of magic and myth, the lush Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan brims with a wealth of natural beauty, vibrant culture, spiritual and historical attractions and intrepid adventure. Bhutan is home to many of the most stunning mountains in the world. It is unquestionably a well-liked trekking location for all serious hikers and trekkers. The Jomolhari Trek, the Drukpath Trek, the Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek, and the Laya-Gasa Trek are a few of the well-known treks.

Scenic Tours

Active Bhutan is only the agent in Bhutan that promotes Home stay for their guest. The visitor gets an opportunity to spend their time with a Bhutanese family [farmer] And gets themselves fully immerged in the life of normal Bhutanese. Also which gives you a unique hospitality of Bhutanese?