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Adventure in Bhutan

What can you anticipate from a nation blessed with the Himalayas’ unparalleled beauty? That’s true, there are some spooky adventure possibilities! With tremendous heights come amazing opportunities to engage in extreme sports and experience an adrenaline rush. Buddhist temples, hospitable people, and the tranquillity and tranquillity of the valleys can be found on one end, while spine-tingling activities for ardent adventure seekers can be found on the other. Bhutan offers an almost limitless number of activities that will keep you coming back for more.

Must do Adventures in Bhutan

Bhutan’s rugged, mountainous landscape blends itself for both on-road and off-road mountain biking, and the sport is growing in popularity among both tourists and Bhutanese. There are numerous riding routes accessible, ranging from easy rides on paved roads to difficult off-road dirt paths that wind through rugged terrain. The activity provides a level of closeness to the environment that is rarely found in cars. Biking is currently becoming a really distinctive and original way of experiencing and connecting with the nation, people, and Bhutanese environment, with better roads replacing the old and an increasing number of off-road roads.

The majority of bicycle tours take place on well-paved roads, although others venture onto dirt roads and trails. The experience is still quite intimate because the traffic is still fairly light. The more adventure has the option of taking side trips for further “off-the-beaten-path” adventures. Depending on your riding style and experience, the trails can handle most sorts of frames, including MTB, Hybrid, and Road. It’s just you, your bike, the tour group, and the agrarian and natural beauty on most biking paths that meander through tiny towns and villages and rural areas.

There are also various options for alternative walks that include some climbing. There are some challenging climbs, including one that takes more than seven hours. Over two miles (3,400 meters) above sea level you will be peddling the pads. Your efforts are rewarded with a stunning vista and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Riders must be physically fit with adequate stamina, and have been experienced enough in the art of mountain biking. Tours are accompanied by a van that provides complete support. The van allows riders to rest should they require it. Many of the biking trails lead though small villages and temples, which can provide intriguing and educational diversions.

Bhutan’s crystal-clear rivers are one of the country’s best-kept secrets. Six main rivers (Wang Chhu, Sunkosh, Puna Tsang Chhu, Mangde Chhu, Kuri Chhu, and Dangme Chhu and their tributaries) fed by glacier melt in the Eastern Himalayas have been scouted for kayaking and rafting. They pass through high valleys and low plains on their way to India’s Brahmaputra River. The pure natural surroundings and sheer variety of river courses offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover Bhutan’s stunning nature. Bhutan’s wild, untamed streams would not disappoint adventurous travelers. Rivers abound, with strong currents ranging from slow, gentle flows in certain areas to violent, raging torrents found all over the nation. Despite the fact that adventure sports and tourism are relatively new to Bhutan, they are quickly gaining popularity. Bhutan’s river courses have something for everyone, regardless of their level of experience: Beginners will enjoy the easy courses, while veterans will enjoy the nerve-wracking runs. Bhutanese agencies also organize walking and trekking tours along the gorgeous river banks in addition to rafting and kayaking. The months of March to April and November to December are ideal for rafting and kayaking.

If you wish to experience Mountain Biking in its truest sense where else do you go than the mountainous kingdom in the heart of the Himalayas? The chill and the thrill of Mountain Biking once in Bhutan is enough to last forever.